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Originally Posted by Commander View Post

LOL I know I know I know. This time it is only a mild case of training ADD. I lasted 3 whole weeks with no changes.

I just have this thing in my brain where I get bored very easily and by not lifting maximal weights and doing fun stuff like speed work it bothers me. Not much is changing tho. Wed and Saturday are going to be pretty much exactly the same. I am still using 5-3-1 on axle cleans and snatches and Inc Benches which will be done on thursday after Dynamic Effort Log pressing. This way I can do log presses 2x a week to get better at them and squat 2x a week (box squat and other type). This way I can do event training on mondays and have more time to recover for Friday which will be ME Sq/DL. I missed heavy weights too much and westside is fun.
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