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Originally Posted by DLR View Post
What States have you been to, and what states would you like to visit?

Same question for countries
Hmmm, I live in Pennsylvania and I've been to NJ, NY, WV, VA, DC, GA, AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, IL, KY, MD, NE, NC, OH, and SC. So a few As far as other states I want to see, I can only really think of one right now. I want to go to Utah with my wife to the "Best Friends Animal Society". This is where animals that have little to no chance of living in a home go. Everything things from cats and dogs to exotic animals. This is where they sent a lot of Michael Vick's pit bulls, a few of which are becoming adjusted and adoptable. This trip would pretty much melt my wife's heart as she is a HUGE animal advocate. Don't worry, though, it doesn't interefere with my love of red meat.

I'm not much of a foreign traveler, but I have been to Costa Rica and most recently Italy. I definitely want to go back to both some day. I always wanted to go to Japan and see a Pride FC, but I still wouldn't mind going there for a DREAM or K-1 tournament. I know my wife also wants to go on an African safari too.
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