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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Stolen from Andro, reprinted at Maverick's own advice from the last thead:

If you could form Team Maverick...what would it look like?

your workout partner?
Your nutritionist?
Your trainer?
Partner - Brooks Kubik, author of "Dinosaur Training". His whole thing is that lifters today try to find the easy way out, trying to find supplements and fancy workout programs to substitute in for grueling hard work under progressively heavier weights. Plus he has a whole chapter entitled "Death Sets", sounds like he could really keep me on point.

Nutritionist - John Berardi. I don't do much research in the way of nutrition these days, because too many people try to make it seem like a science when there are too many variables to consider. Berardi's advice and article, though, just make sense. He combines science and common sense and ends up with my favorite measurement of success... results. He also looks the part too, which for me is a big factor.

Trainer - Wesley Silveria, AKA "iron addict". Much like Berardi, his stuff just makes sense and he has 100's if not over 1000 satisfied customers. He's got a very no frills, no bull**** approach to training and has the experience and knowhow to make decisions about your best course of action in terms of training and diet.

Gym - Either my basement, Dorian Yates style, or the Exercise Warehouse in Pittsburgh. Been there since the 60's, it's nothing but brick, iron, free weights, machines, men, and one little treadmill tucked in the corner. The perfect place for focus.

Sponsor - Jack Daniel's... I'm crossing my fingers they make a sports drink
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