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Originally Posted by niggles View Post
what is your biggest accomplishment, and your lowest moment?
I'm gonna keep this one gym related, the second question is a little too personal.

My biggest gym accomplishment was cleaning and pressing a 125lb. partially water filled keg with a parallel grip. This took me a long time, because there's a lot of technique to it. Just figuring out how to get the weight to sit on my chest for the clean took some time. I had been finsihing the press with a mixed grip (one hand higher than the other) for a while, but this is much easier because it allows the water on the inside to settle into the lower corner. Here's a pic of the lift I'm talking about finished with a mixed grip:

Now in a parallel grip press, my hands are parallel, meaning both are on the bottom of the keg. This requires a ton of grip strength to keep the keg steady, and even more shoulder and core stability to keep it steady while the water inside sloshes around. You have to do a relatively slow grinding press to keep it under control. Don't have a pic of it, but needless to say, I was very excited when I nailed finally.

My lowest moment, in retrospect, was probably 8 months after I started working out consistently. That's when I wasn't too smart, moved up weight too fast on SLDLs while sacrificing form, and started the injury that would worsen to this very day. It's also the injury that made me give up MMA, which killed me. That's the day my bulge in one of my cervical discs started. I now have to battle that on a day to day basis. Aggrivating that could lead to anything from mild uncomfortableness all the way to me being on my back for a couple days loaded with painkillers. So I have a daily reminder for the rest of my life to be smart in the gym.
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