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Two tough ones for me, cause I don't use supplements, and I don't use much in the way of exercises other than the basics. I'll take a crack at it though.

Originally Posted by ryancostill View Post
What is the most underrated supplement, in your opinion?
A really good multivitamin. You here guys on boards asking 6 million questions about what whey, NO, glutamine, creatine, PH, etc... they should get. rarely does anyone ask, or care, what multivitamin they are taking. They take those crappy grocery store brands cause they are available and cheap. Guys like us putting their bodies through insane amounts of stress need daily need to be loaded to the gills with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Get a good one like the Beverly International Superpak that are engineered with athletes, not couch potatoes, in mind.

Originally Posted by ryancostill View Post
What is the most underrated exercise, in your opinion?
I'm torn between to type sof lifting that resolved issues for me. Thick/soft bar lifting or a PROPERLY executed powerlifting bench press. The former resolved all my grip related issues in my pulling exercises. I'm actually repping around 400 now with just chalk on deads. The latter has resolved any shoulder issues I used to have from benching, eventhough I bench press more weight now. The whole "lower back arch, shoulder blades together, elbows in, bar over the lower chest" thing has made me never hear that clicking in my left shoulder ever again.

I guess you could say I think the most underrated exercises are the ones that add longevity and safety to my natural lifting.
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