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Originally Posted by klosey View Post
First Questions are

Why do you train?
My personality and mindset is weird. I literally am involved in critical thinking all day long. If I am not actively doing something, I am thinking about my next big project, my aspirations of starting a business, a computer program, anything. I cannot turn my brain off. EXCEPT when I'm engrossed in a workout.

Also there's the vanity. I like looking good. Ironic, given that I have very little desire for other superficial things. Case in point, I make a very good salary for my age and location, yet I drive a dented 1997 camry.

Originally Posted by klosey View Post
How Long have you trained?
Off and on in high school and consistently since November of 2004. ****, has it been that long.

Originally Posted by klosey View Post
What are Your aims?
Add a little muscle, get a little leaner, get a little stronger, etc... but as soon as I get that "little" bit, I usually want a little bit more. The real trick is achieving these goals without sacrificing anything in my personal life or aggrivating my back. I've finally figured out the former and am getting better at the latter.

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