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Default Mar. 23

I have to get creative this week with workout because I'm covering the early shift at work. Today was leg day, all sets were done w/ 30 sec rest.

Leg Extensions: 210X10, 195X12, 180X12, 165X15, 135X20

Squats: 205X15, 185X15, 135X20, 135X20

Leg Press: 10PX12, 10PX12, 8PX15, 8PX15

Sissy Squats: 35X10, 30X12, 15X15, BWX20

DB SLDL: 60X12, 60X12, 50X15, 50X15

Leg Curls: 120X15, 120X15, 100X20, 90X20

Jumping Split Squats: 4XFailure

Extremely exhausting workout, had to keep telling myself I wasn't going to quit. I believe I finished around 45 minutes, I've been noticing separation in my legs that I've never had before, so a workout like this should help that as well. We'll have to see how creative I can get tomorrow.

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