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Originally Posted by Achillesreborn View Post
Out of curiosity, do you find you cant work all your muscles to their maximum when doing a FB routine? The reason I ask is because it occurred to me that a type of pre-exhaust would be used in such a routine...although that might stimulate more fibers.
Um, honestly at first i couldn't. I would be done legs and back and wanna freakin die...

I have to do pre-exhaust, to hit the low volume like i do (i meant per body part not total) or ill have to train more.

ok ok this is what i do.... remember i do two sets of everything

Leg press ss


Calf raise (one leg is my favorite cuz of the forced reps you can do)

Stiff Arm PUlldowns ss
Chin ups, alternating with close grip rows

DB flys ss
Dips, alternating with SMith incline presses

Laterals ss
Push press, alternating with upright rows

EZ curls alternating with hammer curls
Skull crushers alternating with reverse grip pulldowns

I don't do direct ab work. Believe it or not, my abs are still kinda bulky, and everytime i do train abs, i get stretch marks. From one workout.

This routine takes about an hour. Little less usually...
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