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Default Mar. 21

Deadlift: 315X1, 335X1, 355X1, 385X1 PR

Rack Deadlifts: 315X10X3

Smith Machine Single Arm Rows: 25'sX10, 30'sX10, 35'sX8, 40'sX6

Pullups: BWX10X4

Reverse Grip Pulldowns: 110X12, 120X10, 130X8, 140X6

Decline BB Pullovers: 50X12, 60X10, 70X8

Crossover Oblique Crunches: 3X50

Feet up Crunches: 3X50

Swiss Ball Crunches: 3X50

10X 20sec sprints on Stair climber

I didn't go all out on deads today because my legs were still drained from training them later in the week, I'll be back to my usual routine next week that will allow me to attack every bodypart to its fullest. I hit a PR for DL, but it went up relatively easily, I wasn't going to max out today because of my legs, and I've been really worn out this week, but I'll probably make time to see where I'm at in the month of April.

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