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Originally Posted by taylorryan View Post
a double split, 6 day program... Of course you were overtrained. You probably COULDN"T train hard enough anyways. I coudln't when i did that.

Naw, G, back before i 'knew about' HIT officially, i gravitated toward it myself. I went from training each muscle once a week for like sixteen sets, to about three supersets, twice a week. Just listening to my body. Thing is though, instinctively i increased the intensity of each ss so high, i wonder if i was even strong enough to stimulate anything the third ss. Either way, thats what i did. I went from about 165 to 185 in probably, oh, 6 weeks. I ate like a freakin horse, though...

Then, when i found out about HIT, i tried doing twice a week, full body routines, 8 sets total. Wanna know what happened? it took me about two months to gain three pounds. sigh...

Wanna know what i do now? i still do FB routines (fell in love) but i do two sets of 12 exercises. or 24 sets total, three times a week. Cardio on off days. Thats enough to make a typical full body guy FLIP THE F OUT!!!!!!!!

My point was, my growth wasn't slowed by overtraining.. Quite the opposite actually.

Out of curiosity, do you find you cant work all your muscles to their maximum when doing a FB routine? The reason I ask is because it occurred to me that a type of pre-exhaust would be used in such a routine...although that might stimulate more fibers.
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