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Originally Posted by Achillesreborn View Post
"Overtraining" is a term that is thrown around loosely these days, and some do use it as an excuse but overtraining is defined as any training stimulus that has exceeded what is required. Many bodybuilders are overtrained but don't know it. Why do you think every training protocol created nowadays usually has the trainee take 4-7 days off before starting the routine and then another 4-7 days off after 4-8 weeks after the routine is over. The answer...overtraining will result if the routine is continued after this point.

From personal experience I have been overtrained before when I did the double-split system 6 days a week and I have over-average genetics for gaining muscle tissue. I reached a plateau and began losing strength, and also developed a severe cold that lasted nearly two months because I "worked through it." I think the theory that there is no such thing as "overtraining" is used by people who don't know what highly intense training is!

a double split, 6 day program... Of course you were overtrained. You probably COULDN"T train hard enough anyways. I coudln't when i did that.

Naw, G, back before i 'knew about' HIT officially, i gravitated toward it myself. I went from training each muscle once a week for like sixteen sets, to about three supersets, twice a week. Just listening to my body. Thing is though, instinctively i increased the intensity of each ss so high, i wonder if i was even strong enough to stimulate anything the third ss. Either way, thats what i did. I went from about 165 to 185 in probably, oh, 6 weeks. I ate like a freakin horse, though...

Then, when i found out about HIT, i tried doing twice a week, full body routines, 8 sets total. Wanna know what happened? it took me about two months to gain three pounds. sigh...

Wanna know what i do now? i still do FB routines (fell in love) but i do two sets of 12 exercises. or 24 sets total, three times a week. Cardio on off days. Thats enough to make a typical full body guy FLIP THE F OUT!!!!!!!!

My point was, my growth wasn't slowed by overtraining.. Quite the opposite actually.
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