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Default Mar. 20

Up and Down Shrugs: 25-95, 25-85, 25-85
(Basically how this works I did 25X25, 35X20, 45X15, 55X10, and so on in 10 lb increments until I failed @ 2 reps, then I descended back down through each weight taking it to failure)

DB Press: 50X8, 55X8, 60X8, 65X6

ss w/

DB Upright Rows: 35X12, 35X12, 40X10, 40X10

Push Presses: 115X7, 115X7, 115X6

DB Circles: 10XFailureX3

ss w/

L-Laterals: 25XFailure, 20XFailure, 20XFailure

Machine Press: 100X12, 80X12 (dbl neg), 60X12 (dbl neg)

1-Arm Cross Cable Laterals w/ Kneeling Lateral Raises w/ Front Raises:
20XFailure, 15XFailure

20 mins of HIIT on treadmill

Woke up feeling extremely tired today, I managed to get through the workout, definitely drained after the up and down shrugs, always painful, but effective.
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