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Originally Posted by ryancostill View Post
Ok great. I think it would be a good idea if you used the quote function to answer each question directly.

my questions would be:

What personal record (bench, squat, sprint, etc... anything!) are you most proud of?

520lb deadlift, 128 wrestling match unbeaten streak at local wrestling (pre 2006)
What are your current goals?

I have 3 at moment
1. - diet down to around 220ish for october contest
2. - Compete at local wrestling event in july
3. - increase conditional strength

What are you employed as and how does this affect your training (be it positively or negatively)?
I work for an engineering company, officially i'm a CAD drawer but i'm generally moving stuff around, doing machining, welding etc, it effects my training both ways.
in some ways possitive due to organised breaks, lunch, finish time etc but some days if moving panels round i dont have the energy to train