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Originally Posted by Achillesreborn View Post
I think the theory that there is no such thing as "overtraining" is used by people who don't know what highly intense training is!
i am happy to say it, 999999 out of 1000000 it is not how heavy or how intense people lift that makes them reach 'overtraining' its their diet, their rest and supplement use, bulgarian weightlifters for the 1990 commonwelth games spent 6 hours a day weightlifting one of their lifters ivan.. (cant remember last name will find it later) was in his 30's and followed this style for over a decade, they had teens training to this style who had no previous lifting experience and they are still around now, Ivan came out of his dressing room and lifted enough weight for the gold medal without a warm up. The coaches said it was due to the training which meant his body was so used to hard lifting and had adequate rest and calories to full it this guy can do 1rm straight from cold, where i do agree HIIT is hard and DC is just as hard i don't think the training is what ***ks most people up its a laziness to complete the cycle and ensure they eat and rest properly
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