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You are lucky: you have Sami, and this is something beautiful.
Pregnancy and maternity are sometimes reasons that a woman can have additional weight. But I can warranty that there are thousand of other reasons that probably could lead to gain more weigh. If you look around you will see a lot of girls, young ladies or women that are overweight. And most likely they do not have a child: They gain weight just because they give up, they locked their bodies and minds into the house. If you discuss with those ladies one of the best enjoyment is eating: tasty, delicious pizza, chocolates etc…

Please think: Sometimes pregnancy and maternity can be a good reason for starting healthy hobbies: Healthy food, daily walks to the park, where you can meet other people and start having public relations.

What you should do is to wake up and save your self! I strongly believe that because of the hormonal storm pregnancy brought you into a kind of distress. And this is the reason you feel that every effort will be just a loss or that everywhere only difficulties exist. . This is the reason I will suggest “get out of the house “.
Sometimes alone other times with your baby.
Arrange with your husband what hours he will be available for baby-sitting. If he is too busy, and he can not offer some hours, lets discuss for taking a young baby sitter. I hope he can pay money if can not pay time for his family J
And spend those free hours out of door: go to gym, go to the park and run.

Put healthy food as first priority: not only for you but also for your Sami.

I can guaranty, within 2 months you will get the first rewards.

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