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Default Mar. 7

Deadlift: 350X6, 340X6, 325X8, 315X10, 300X12 (All PR's)

Barbell Rows: 155X8, 145X8, 135X10, 125X10, 115X12

Cable Rows: 150X8, 140X8, 130X10, 120X12

Lat Pulldowns: 160X8, 140X10, 120X12

Pullups: 3XFailure

Crossover Oblique Crunches: 3X50

Feet up Crunches: 3X50

Swiss Ball Crunches: 3X50

20 sec sprints X10 on stair climber

I usually always blast my music during deadlifts, but this month I've been fasting, I gave up music and television. This really allowed me to focus on the Lord who gives me all my strength. I got 350 for 6 reps relatively easy, sometimes we forget what God is capable of. Great back workout, I keep hearing a whisper, "If you deadlift they will come" I'll keep at it and what for them to come.
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