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Default Exercise of The Week (Females Only) #1 Discussion

Ok since the Exercise of The Week is up and running i decided to get the womens up and running too. So This Is the First Week in this Section This log will be updated Weekly (usually Mondays), Aswell as a discussion thread left open.

Right Lets get to it.

This Weeks exercise targets a bodypart that many women moan about (even the size 0 crowd) this may or may not apply to you put its the shopping bag dillema. Ever walked past a mirror carrying a bag etc and thought 'urge look at my arms' many of the heavier individuals (men included) suffer from what many refer to as 'bingo wings', under this are the triceps and may i say i have seen some women with beutifully tonned arms in the gym doing these same exercises so my aim for the first couple of the Exercise of the week will be to supply exercises to help with this area. This Weeks Is.......

Dumbell Kickbacks (superset)

supersetted with:

There are two versions Here

First is Peformed on a Bench
Second is standing

Kneel over bench with arm supporting body. Grasp dumbbell. Position upper arm parallel to floor. Extend arm until it is straight. Return and repeat. after end of that set continue This with opposite arm. Then without rest, Grasp two dumbells, stnad with legs slightly bent and body leant forward keeping back straight. As above Position upper arms parallel to floor. Extend arms until it is straight. Return and repeat.
This is one set. Feel free to rest 1 min then repeat.

Hope You enjoy
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