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Default Mar. 5

Behind the back wrist curls: 110X12, X10, 100X12, X10, 90X12, X10

supersetted w/

Dumbbell Heavy Holds (30 sec a piece): 90/80, 80/70, 70/60

Reverse EZ Bar Wrist Curls (triple drop w/ 30 sec of partial reps): 45/35/25


Crossover Oblique Crunches: 3X50

Feet up Crunches: 3X50

Swiss Ball Crunches: 3X50

Forearms were cooked after this workout. I got to reading the Prez's article last night and had to ask myself if I've been training my calves as hard as my chest of arms. This workout is not for the faint, you basically have to turn your mind off. I have a good feeling about this program, in two months I should have bigger and more defined calves.
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