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Originally Posted by superbilt View Post
The almighty foam roller. I use it after every workout on my quads, hamstrings, hips, and back. It helps break up all the garbage and reduces soreness. It also loosened up my hips a bit when combing it with all the dynamic warmup I do so they are not very tight anymore.
I am a believer now! Recently converted with my 4 inch PVC pipe.

In case anyone is interested, here is what I currently do to ward away pain/tightness and honestly, my legs have NEVER felt younger. When I am done with a workout, my legs feel like they did when I was a teenager, no kidding:


30+ reps Leg Extension 35lbs

10 leg curls

15 bridges with legs on bench

15 reverse hypers BW

20 front to back leg swings

20 side to side leg swings

Roll IT Band, Vastus Lateralis

1 minute jump rope on mats

5 shoulder dislocations, 5 military press to 5 regular squats with just a light bar

5 shoulder dislocations, 5 military press to 5 split squats each leg with just a light bar

5 BW lateral squats each leg

5 BW reverse crossover lunges each leg

1 minute jump rope on mats


20-30 reps light DB Swings

Roll IT Band and other muscles if I have the time

Stretches: (mixing in 1 minute ab planks for 2-4 reps)
Quad stretch with knee on pad and foot on bench

Standing quad

Kneeling Groin (or seated if done without knee pain)

Calf/Hamstring/Lower back runners stretch

Floor Hamstring

Lying Glute

Lying IT Stretching

Standing IT Streching (touch toes with legs crossed)

Lower Back (pulling on doorknob)

Good Morning Hamstring stretch

Hip Flexor

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