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Originally Posted by smott999 View Post
Thanks for the info guys -

What I'm hearing is that I should not actually do a period of no/minimal lifting...?

But just attempt to alter routines as you guys suggest?

That is "more or less" what I've tried before, though I have not actually altered exactly as you say...i.e. I have not changed the actual order of excercises within a circuit....

But I'm hearing from my nephew (NCAA Div I athlete) that his trainers tell him you need to cycle significantly DOWN from heavy lifting...i.e. a period of no/or very light lifting...


Thanks again it's great to be part of such a knowlesgeable forum!!
most people call this tapering. its where after a set period of time you lower the weights and reps a little bit (some people keep calories same level others lower them a bit) then after a few weeks they work back up to going heavy again, the period of no lifting is a bad idea over a long peroid it'll make the metabolism suddinly slow down so you would stop losing body fat or worse gain it. i know venom on here tapers (even though he hates it lol) some people have a 1 week break every 4 or so months, either way will work aslong as you dont lose the work ethic during that peroid
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