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Default Mar. 3

Mass Tricep Superset

Dips: 150/120

High Cable Tricep Extensions: 120

Reverse Tricep Pushdowns: 120

Rope Pushdowns: 50/30

Followed by fascial stretching
Seated Barbell Curl: 85X8, 95X8, 105X8, 115X6

Incline Cable Curls: 40X10, 45X10, 50X10

Cable Preacher Curls: 50X12, 50X12, 45X12

Drag Curls: 45X20X3

Followed by fascial stretching

Crossover Oblique Crunches: 3X40

Feet up Crunches: 3X40

Swiss Ball Crunches: 3X40

Arms got hit hard today, the fascial stretching was extremely painful, but will be well worth it. My bicep routine today incorporated many lifts I have never done, I'll definitely be using these lifts again. I found that the cable exercises provided a great negative.
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