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Gals/Guys I have a question about training and how to cycle on and off lifting regimes...

A couple years ago I was able to lose some fat and gain some lean quite succesfully over about 12 weeks of lifting x4 days/week, with cardio thrown in on off days, and a fairly strict diet in terms of eating frequent small meals...I was actually down to about 3 lbs less than my playing weight in college which I thought wasn't bad for a 40-something!!

In any case I kind of plateued and could never really get much leaner than that, even though I altered my routines so that every 2-3 weeks I was changing the specidifc excercises for the various muscle groups and so on.

My nephew tells me you need to go through periods where you lift very lightly or even not at all, to avoid these plateaus....any advice? x nbr of weeks on, x nbr off, or whatever?

I plateaued after about 12 weeks....

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