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Default Mar. 2

Squat: 300X2, 285X6, 275X6, 255X8, 235X10, 205X12

Leg Press: 12PX8, 12PX8, 10PX10, 8PX10, 6PX12
(On the 1st set I took the standard footing, 2nd & 3rd went high and wide, 4th and 5th narrow)

Hack Squat: 4P+1/4'sX8, X8, 4PX10, 2+1/4'sX12
(Wide w/ toes pointed out on first two, last two narrow footing)

Leg Extensions: 240X8, 225X10, 210X12

Romanian Deadlifts: 250X8, X8, 235X10, X10, 225X12

Leg Curls: 150X8, 140X10, 130X12

Pretty good leg workout today, only complain is my lower back is still feeling it from Saturdays back workout so I wasn't able to go as heavy as I would have liked to on the deadlifts. I really tried to hit the thighs from every angle today. I noticed in my car at lunch that the tear drop is getting a lot more defined, getting a lot of separation in my quads. On a side note my monthly weigh in, didn't put on much last month, I'm 186.6, but progress nonetheless, I'm staying extremely lean in this process so I can't complain. Definitely May or June I'd like to be at 190, and by the end of the year hit my goal of a lean 200, going to take a lot of hard work and discipline, but I wouldn't want it any other way.
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