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Default Feb. 28

Widegrip Pullups: BWX15, 5X11, 5X10, 5X8, 5X7

T-Bar Row: 2PX15, 2P+1/4X15, 3PX13, 3P+1/4X12, 4PX10

Barbell Row: 115X15, 135X15, 145X10, 135X11, 135X10

Chinups: BWX12, 12, 9, 8, 8

Deadlifts: 315X9, 325X7, 330X6

Cross Leg Crunches: 3X50

Reverse Crunches: 3X50

Crunches: 3X50

20 sec sprint on stair climber X 10

Back was a little stiff upon wake this morning, when I got into the gym I got on the eliptical for 5 min and really focused on the pulling aspect, loosened up my back significantly. My only complaint is my strength when it comes to my pullups and chinups, if anyone can hand me any pointers on how to improve these exercises it would be much appreciated. Felt weak when I was warming up on deads, but I refused to use that as an excuse, back felt great afterwards. As far as abs go ABC's 8 week program is kicking my ***, but I'm beginning to notice separation down the center something I've never seen on myself. Felt like I had a great month of February, I'll do my monthly weigh in on Monday to see where I'm at.
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