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Default Feb. 27

Seated Dumbbell Shrugs: 60X20, 65X16, 70X14

supersetted w/

Static Cable Shrugs 30 sec a piece: 200lbs, 150lbs

Concentric Hack Machine Hiss Shrugs 3X10: 2 plates, 2 plates + 2 1/4s, 4 plates

Smith Machine Behind-the-Back shrugs: 4 plates + 1/4'sX10, 4 plates + 35'sX8, 6 plates X6, 6 plates + 1/4's X4

Neck Curls 3X30: 40lbs

Seated Military Press: 95X8, 105X6, 115X4

Dumbbell Upright Rows: 25X12, 35X10, 45X8

Low Cable Rope Front Raises 3X10: 30, 35, 40

Neutral Grip Incline Press w/ twist: 75X4, 70X6, 65X8

Front Barbell Raises: 30X15, 35X12, 40X10

Later in the day:

20 min HIIT on treadmill

Good shoulder workout today, I was really focusing on contracting against the stretch, this was painful, but phenomenal at the same time. Tomorrow I'll be hitting up back once again, waging war against myself, time to show this problem area who's boss.
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