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Originally Posted by klosey View Post
tried it but the lack of gym time makes me end up changing it so i do 2 sessions a day. i enjoy training
I totally understand where you're coming from. I love being in the gym everyday and at one point in my training career I was going to the gym 6 days a week for nearly 2 hours a day and sometimes twice a day (following Arnold's routine from the "Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding") and I didn't "feel" evertrained. What did end up happening is I lost some strength, muscle started to deteriorate, and I found it nearly impossible to gain an extra pound because I was burning so many calories in the gym so I had to stuff my face.

I did manage to get great results on this type of program going from 126 lbs in 2004 to 195 lbs last summer 2008. My arms even measured in at 17 1/4 at 5'10". I wouldn't say I have "freak" genetics but I do think I have fairly decent genetics but even that much training was too much. Overtraining is defined as training to such an extent that the BODY doesn't have time to fully recover and so a slow-down or cessation of one's progress occurs and a period of rest is needed (usually prescribed as 1-2 weeks off from the gym).

HIT definitely feels like you stimulate way more muscle fiber, especially when you conduct every exercise with a 4-2-4 tempo, "It's Extreme" - Harold & Kumar (Extreme Punk).
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