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Originally Posted by Achillesreborn View Post
Happy Birthday!
Thanks Achilles!

My actual birthday is March 1st......I turn 30! But I couldn't wait until March 1st for the power rack, had to grab it before someone else bought it.

Originally Posted by plagana View Post
That cambered bar looks wicked cool - seems like one advantage to a home gym is being able to custom fit it with neat stuff like that.
Thanks for checking in plagana!

Yeah, having a home gym is great. And I'm not sure if I would have bought that bar, but my father-in-law passed it on to me for free.....and I don't turn down free stuff, lol! I'm glad I took it thought, great stretch in the chest as I am sure you can visualize. Oh, and an added bonus, now I can do barbell rows while lying on an incline bench (I do them regular too, but sometimes I don't want to toast my lower back) and get a complete contraction because the bar won't hit the bench at the top of the ROM.

Originally Posted by Albertog View Post
Congrats on your new toy!!! I'm sure you'll have some fun.
Better late than never: Happy Birthday! Hope you had a nice time with your family.
Thanks Albertog!

No worries, not late. March 1st, and I will likely have a good time and get a date with my wife, woohoo!

Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
Happy Birthday, you feeling any older? I know I feel it everyday when I get out of bed I'm 27, but that could be contributed to the years of wrestling. I have one question also about the Smolov program, have you noticed any change in your body composition from this?
Thanks HardCory!

I feel better than I ever have......honest! The only complaint I have about getting older is when I play on the floor with my kids (age 4 and 8) I get stiff. Particularly my left knee, I tend to tuck it under my body and I think I have overly stretched my one tendon and my patella pops a little on full knee flexion. But during exercise I feel healthy as can be. The only time I feel pain from getting older is when I am in bad positions for prolonged periods, like playing on the floor.

In terms of body composition, the first 3 weeks of Smolov I was in a maintenance diet and my weight remained the same. But I swear it felt like I was getting leaner, thus I figured I added some mass while dropping some fat, albeit a small amount. The last 3 weeks, I have transitioned to a bulk diet and believe I am adding some mass. My waist feels trimmer than it has for awhile (especially for bulking) and I am not doing any ab work except for planks. Thus I attribute how my waist feels to the heavy squatting of Smolov.

Basically, as you can see from my log, I am doing little else for my body except some compound back and chest movements. And my body is looking and feeling really good, for me that is (I still don't look as good as I'd like...but who does). Hope that helps.

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