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Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
February 23, 2009

When we hear individuals share their conversion experience, we may conclude that faith happened all at once. But their salvation frequently carries an extended back-story of spiritual pilgrimage before they made that decision. They needed time to reflect on the gospel. For them, coming to the Savior was a process.

Because people may need time and multiple exposures to the gospel before they are ready to make a decision, we need to be sensitive to where they are in their faith-journey. In the meantime, we can cultivate spiritual interest, pray for them, and wait for the harvest! — Dennis Fisher

Have you thought of where you’re going
When this earthly life is past?
Will the seed that you are sowing
Bring a harvest that will last? —Jacobson
How long is TOO LONG? I have been a semi-practicing Christian all of my life with lots of questions and doubts about what to believe, and what to not believe. It has taken me 39 years to get to the point where I do truly believe in my heart, and now I am consistently praying, and going to mass - and even more importantly (to me anyway), I am very frequently thinking about what the good Christian decision would be before I make one. So, have I waited too long to change my ways, or could a person not believe all of their life, and on their death bed, change their mind, ask for forgiveness, and still be saved when they die?

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