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Default Feb. 21

V-Bar Pullup 4X12: 20lbs, 25lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs

Widegrip Pulldown: 150X15, 170X8, 190X6, 200X4

Dumbbell Row: 60X15, 70X8, 80X6, 90X4

T-Bar Row: 3 plates + dime X15, 3 plates + 35 X8, 4 plates + dime X6, 4 plates + 35 X4

Hyperextensions 4X15: 45lbs

Weighted Leg overs 3X25: 3lb ankle weights

Hanging Leg Raises: 3X10 3lb ankle weights

Weighted Crunch 3X10: 25lbs

10X20 sec sprints on stair climber

Saturdays at my gym are loaded with people you never see during the week. I don't know how many people I witnessed doing a hyperextension improperly, I had to turn away because I was afraid they were going to injure their back. This workout went decent, but definitely could of gone better. Only able to get cardio done once this weekend, being sick earlier in the week really set me behind in my studies, I've been working on a paper this weekend among other things. Hopefully this next week isn't as hectic, something I'll have to pray for.
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