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Originally Posted by fightbackhxc21 View Post
kinda glad i didnt pay for those fights....
Are you kidding me? Those were terrific fights. Almost nothing went to decision and the ones that did were awesome. Highlight of the night for me was the Maia takedown to mount to ***king beautiful trap to let Sonnen roll right into the triangle.

Anyone else wanna see Maia vs. Marquardt for a shot at Silva? That is, after the repeatedly screwed over Okami gets a shot. He's got 1 loss in his last 10 fights, and that was to Rich Franklin. I'm sure it's because he goes to decision too often, but he freaking deserves it.

That puts me at 3-1 for this UFC and 6-2 overall. Should have got them all, but Thiago's lucky shots ruined it for me. Koscheck was all over him tell he snuck in that uppercut.
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