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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
I went to a power lifting contest today to watch my Father-in-law compete. He is 56 years old and competes raw. He squatted 380 which is an ADAU American Record for his age group and weight class, 181 lb. He benched 250 and deadlifted 460. Now I have some numbers to work on, I only have him beat in bench, need to catch up to his squat and DL!

It was a good time. I really enjoyed being there to support him.

A little 8 year old girl who probably weighed 60 lbs deadlifted 115lb! It was awesome, she also competed in the squat and bench. I can't remember her numbers but she was great fun to watch.
Out of curiosity, what does it mean when you say your father-in law competed raw?
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