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Originally Posted by alvarto View Post
Anyway, the results of her efforts over the first 4 weeks include:
  • Lost 1 pound of body weight
  • No more knee problems.
  • Tremendous increase in strength.
  • Clothes seem to fit marginally looser.
  • Feels better

Aside from only losing 1 pound, those are great results! Patience and persistence is the key.

Should she maybe focus more on cardio and less on weights, and do high/low intensity intervals? What about food cycling? How can I integrate that with what she’s currently doing, and is food cycling recommended? Does her caloric intake seem appropriate?

Sorry for the long post. Hopefully its length didn’t scare anyone away!

Don't decrease the focus on weights, building lean mass will increase her resting metabolism and help her to get the body she wants. You may want to add in the intervals like you mentioned. Without a more info, it is hard to tell if the caloric intake is appropriate, but it seems OK.

Regarding some of your cycling questions, I am not qualified to answer. Hopefully someone else will.

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