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Originally Posted by superbilt View Post
Looks like you are making some serious progress with the smolov. I think squatting 3-4 times a week would destroy me. And squatting 90% for 5 reps for me would be impossible I think on a good day I could get 2 with 90% nevermind doing it for 7 sets!! I can't wait to see how much yur 1 rep max goes up. How many weeks do you have left before your test day?
Well, as your max goes up, I think hitting reps at certain percentages does get harder. Trust me, I would rather have a 485 squat and only be able to to 2 reps at 90% than a 303 max and be able to do 5 at 90%!

I test the first time in about 1 week. You test halfway than go into 2 more mesocycles before testing at the end, which for me will be about mid-April.

Working a midnight tonight, good night y'all.

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