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Default Feb. 14

V-Bar Pullups 4X12: 10lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs

Closegrip Pulldowns: 150X15, 170X8, 190X6, 200X4

Barbell Rows: 135X15, 155X8, 165X6, 185X4

Cable full ROM Lat Pulldowns: 30X15, 40X12, 45X10, 50X8

Deadlift: 250X15, 315X8, 335X6, 350X4

Hanging Weighted Twisting Raises: 3X20 w/ 3lb leg weights on first 2, bw on last

Leg Lift: 3X10 w/ 3lb leg weights

Seated Bench Crunches 3X10: 100lbs

10X20 sec sprints on stair climber

I can describe this back workout with one word, "intense". I was completely drained by time I left the gym, but I know that I need to exhibit this level of intensity on my problem areas. Besides that been eating like a horse today, calorie intake a little higher than usual because of this workout.
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