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Default Relevant Humility

Sorry for the late reply, but here's something relevant to humility:

My son had his talent show last night in school. He and two of his buddies put together a skit and mom & I cringed as we watched. It was terrible (which blew us away because he is usually such an amazingly high achiever). I must admit that I had feelings of embarrassment and disappointment inside of me as I watched. I was feeling pretty low - as I watched the other 30 performances which were actually very good. Then I thought of yesterday's devotional which focused on "Humility". I gathered myself, and took a new view on the event. When I saw him after the show I told him he did a great job, and that I was proud of him for getting up in front of a huge audience and doing his thing. He gave me a big hug, then looked me in the eyes and told me "Dad, we were terrible - but at least we had a lot of fun doing it - he then ran off to the after-party down the hall, and had a lot of fun with his friends". After seeing how accepting and resilient he was of a small failure, I thanked God for helping me to be supportive and kind instead of saying something stupid.

Thanks for the devotional - it definitely helped me to be a better person!
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