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Default Feb. 10

Alternating Seated Dumbbell Curls: 4XFailure

Supersetted w/

Standing Dumbbell Curls: 4XFailure

Incline Face Foward Cable Curls: 50lbs (15), 70lbs (15), 80lbs (13), 80lbs (12)

Glove Curls 3XFailure: 25lb, 35lb, 25lb

Skull Crushers: 75lbs (9), 80lbs (9), 85lbs (9), 95lbs (7)

Tricep Pushdowns: 150lbs (9), 160lbs (9), 170lbs (9), triple drop set 150lbs/130lbs/110lbs/90lbs

Cable Kickbacks: 40lbs (10), 45lbs (10), 55lbs (8)

supersetted w/

Overhead Single arm Dumbbell Extension: 20lbs (10), (10), (8)

Hanging Weighted Twisting Raises: 3X20 w/ 3lb leg weights

Leg Lift: 3X10 w/ 3lb leg weights

Seated Bench Crunches: 80lbs 3X10

Good arm workout, they were really pumped by the end, one area that I've always been weak in, I'll probably start including some 5X5 programs during the week, so I can get my strength up there, it would be nice to hit higher weights during hypertrophy workouts. I followed my bicep workout with some fascial stretching.
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