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Default Feb. 6

Reverse Barbell Curls: 85lbs (10), (8), 75lbs (10), (8), 65lbs (10), (8)

supersetted w/

Incline Hammer Curls: 30lbs (10), (8), 25lbs (10), (8), 20lbs, (10), (8)

Seated EZ Bar Wrist Curls Triple drop: 90lbs/80lbs/70lbs/60lbs

Squats: I can't remember how many sets I completed, I took a wide stance w/ my toes significantly outward, really focusing on the vastus medialis. I could go really deep on these w/ no discomfort in my knees which was nice, I was enjoying the stretch.

Abductor machine: 3X10

Adductor machine: 3X15

Leg Extension: On these I started high in weight, kept dropping upon failure, and when I got to the lower weight I held for 30 seconds. I repeated this 3 times.

Good workout overall, I enjoyed hitting my legs again this week, getting a good pump going. I'm really starting to notice some separtion in my quads, as well as my calves, I'd say by summer I'll be rocking. Just need to attack my weak areas with ruthless aggression, I'm putting a bounty on my pecs and lats. I'll be hitting up cardio in a couple mins I'll log it later.
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