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TUESDAY, February 3, 2009
Smolov Base Mesocycle, Week 2, Workout 2
(combined with Smolov Jr. Week 3 - final week, workout 3)

Chin-ups BW + 30 x 4 (80% plus 18 lbs, Personal Record)
DB Bench 92x4 (80% plus 15 lbs each DB, Personal Record)
Squat 120x4
Repeat Chin-ups and DB Bench (resting 60-75 seconds between sets)
Squat 170x2
Squat 200x2
Repeat Chin-ups and DB Bench
Squat 220x1
Squat 270x1 (overreaching)
Repeat Chin-ups and DB Bench 4th set
Squat 245x7 (personal record -tie)
Repeat Chin-ups and DB Bench
Squat 245x7
Repeat Chin-ups and DB Bench
Squat 245x7
Repeat Chin-ups and DB Bench
Squat 245x7
Repeat Chin-ups and DB Bench for 8th and final set
Squat 245x7 for 5th set

Stretching, Ab Planks

This workout was killer. I was really working on the final sets of bench, chins and squats. Repeating a PR for so many sets was taxing....all in the head. I have noticed that my legs are recovering between workouts and I attribute this partially to my aggressive stretching routine. However, my back is not fully recovering (getting hit from squats and chins) and it is starting to affect me. I will try to implement some back stretches post workout to aid in recovery. I may consider doing Active Recovery exercises on off days as well. My back is really sore and tight today from last night's effort.

I haven't detailed my warmup in awhile. I jump rope for 2 minutes, 30 light reps on leg extension, 30 reps of bridges or I may substitute in 15 bodyweight reverse hyperextensions, 5 protyazhka (see this for details), upper body stuff dependent on the exercises performed, 1 more minute jump rope, leg swings, 5 more protyazhka, then side to side bodyweight squats before working on to progress weight increases.

Sounds like a lot, but is has kept my legs healthy while squating excessively and it gets my body temperature up which is necessary because my basement gym is about 46-47 degrees F when I start working out.

Squated 12 of 21 days

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