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Default Feb. 2

Squats 5X8: 275lbs, 255lbs, 245lbs, 235lbs, 225lbs

Leg Press 5X10: 8 plates, 10 plates, 10 plates +2 1/4's, 12 plates, 12 plates + 2 1/4's

Leg Extension 5X10: 165lbs, 180lbs, 195lbs, 210lbs, 225lbs

Leg Curls 8X10: 100lbs, 110lbs, 120lbs, 130lbs, 140lbs, 150lbs, 160lbs, 170lbs

Was suppose to do a front squats, but I need to develop my upper chest region more, I can't seem to comfortable hold the bar. I was psyched when I put up 275lbs for 8 reps, all I can say is it's on this year, we here at abc collectively are going to accomplish some big things. Also my month weigh in puts me at 185.4 lbs, tomorrow I will be getting my BF% done, I'll post the results. Originally a lean 185 was my goal, I've now set a new goal of a lean 200, we'll see what I can cook up.
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