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Originally Posted by rootb33r View Post
wow. This is my first time reading your journal. Smolov looks pretty fun

It is fun, in a very sick sick way

I do a somewhat-similar thing where I alternate exercises with squats and end up doing ~8 sets of squats total, but I go up in weight and take about 4-5 minutes of rest in between each set. It's a pretty effective method. I've gotten up to 315x3 somehow so I'm happy.

Keep it up man.

BTW, 315x3 is excellent man! Can't wait 'til I'm there. I plan on being around that by mid-April.

for any is where I got my program

and here is my current cycle....

Week # Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday [FYI - I don't always fall on these days]
1 70%x9x4 75%x7x5 80%x5x7 85%x3x10
2 (70%+10kg)x9x4 (75%+10kg)x7x5 (80%+10kg)x5x7 (85%+10kg)x3x10
3 (70%+15kg)x9x4 (75%+15kg)x7x5 (80%+15kg)x5x7 (85%+15kg)x3x10
4 Rest Rest Prikida Prikida (means: work up to a near max single)

James 1:16-17 ESV
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