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Originally Posted by will-work4andro View Post
interesting development...GSP's corner got caught rubbing vaseline all over his back...which could've drastically effected BJ's jiu-jitsu...hard to say if it would've been different, probably not, but nobody will ever know.
At worst a cornerman is gonna get fined or suspended, it wont impact the decision. I personally don't think it would have made a difference either way, GSP is just to much physically, but there were times when BJ would effortlessly get a high guard or rubber guard and then his legs would slide down GSP's back. Also saw his hand slide off the back of GSP's head a lot when BJ was trying to control him in the guard. Most likely sweat, but unfortunately it gived ammo to BJ's whining fans.

I can't WAIT for GSP vs. Alves. That will be a battle. Also, when is Andersen Silva due to dismantle someone again? I love GSP, but Silva is still definitely the P4P best right now. And dear god please no one say that its fedor. Lucky knockout punch on a highly overrated fighter.
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