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Default Jan. 31

Incline Dumbbell: 50lbs (10), 55lbs (9), 60lbs (8)

supersetted w/

Incline Barbell: 135lbs (10), 145lbs (8), 155lbs (6)

Machine Fly (Pec Fly): 100lbs (12), 110lbs (12), 120lbs (10)

supersetted w/

Machine Press (Rotary Chest): 100lbs (8), 115lbs (6), 115lbs (6)

Decline Barbell: 185lbs (6), 175lbs (8), 165lbs (10)

supersetted w/

Incline Barbell: 135lbs (9), (6), (6)

Pause Press Dumbbell: 45lbs (10), (8), (6)

supersetted w/

Neutral Grip Fly: 25lbs failure x 3

Pull-ups: 4 X Failure

Closegrip Pulldowns: 120lbs (15), 150lbs (8), 170lbs (6), 190lbs (4)

Barbell Row: 115lbs (15), 135lbs (8), 145lbs (6), 155lbs (4)

Seated Cable Row: 100lbs (15), 110lbs (12), 120lbs (10), 130lbs (8)

Deadlift: 225lbs (15), 275lbs (8), 315lbs (6), 335lbs (4)

Hanging Leg Raises: 3X10 BW

Exercise ball crunch w/ medicine ball throw: 12lb ball 3X10

Reverse Woodchoppers: 40lb db 3X10

20 min HIIT on Eliptical

Good workout overall, I didn't realize I had completed so much, but I'm ready for next week to start, so I can have a normal training week. I just finished the third month of my 3 month core strengthening program. I'm glad I was getting burnt out on the same stuff. I'm going to check out the core program that abc has to offer, anything right now will be a breath of fresh air. Next week I plan to get my bodyfat % tested so I can see where I'm at, I'm feeling and looking the leanest I've ever been, and I'm eating like a horse, over 3600 cal a day. I'd like to see myself one day at a lean 200, got to stay healthy and keep working hard.
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