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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
You can , and it may be good if you have small amounts of carbohdrates with your amino acid supplement. I would not have too many or too much fiber or your risk slowing digestion of the amino sup. But you could have 2 rice cakes for instance. That should allow you to distribute your carbs, more. let see if i got this right:

My first meal would be a whole meal...with at least 5 ounces of meat in order to get in the amount of Leucine i need.I dont want fibre here because it wil slow down least not in the morning.

2 hours later,supplment with aminos...getting in 4 grams of leucine to maintain spike...with some sort of complexe carb.

2 hours later..another big meal.This time can i have fibre?And if i do..wont that slow down absorption in order to get my 4 grams of leucine into my blood stream quickly?

then just repeat the above in order to get the amount of macros you need in a day..
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