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Default Jan. 23

Push Presses: 105lbs (9), 110lbs (9), 115lbs (9), 125lbs (9), 135lbs (6)

supersetted w/

Dumbbell Front Raises: 15lbs 5X8

Cable Laterals 4X12: 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs, 25lbs

Dumbbell Shurgs 5X10 w/ 30 sec holds: 75lbs, 80lbs, 80lbs, 70lbs, 70lbs

Behind the back wrist curls: 100lbs (12), (10), 90lbs (12), (10), 80lbs (12), (10)

supersetted w/

Heavy Dumbbell Holds 30 sec ea set of wt: 85lbs/75lbs, 85lbs/75lbs, 75lbs/65lbs, 75lbs/65lbs, 65lbs/55lbs, 65lbs/55lbs

Reverse EZ Bar Wrist Curls: Triple drop 55lbs/45lbs/35lbs/25lbs

Wasn't feeling good this morning, really tired during my workout especially the should portion. Besides that I'm getting stronger and feeling good, becoming the leanest I've ever been, which is due to the fact that I've dedicated 3 days a week to cardio whether I like it or not. Which reminds me I must go get that done tonight, I recorded the 2nd part of the BJ Penn/ GSP promo so that should get me through it.
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