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Weight: 190, lean mass 170
Diet: Calories - 2983, Fat - 96 (Omega 6:3 14g:14g), Carbs - 336, Protein - 199, leucine - 32 (non workout day)

Most carbs come at breakfast, dinner (my pre-workout meal) and PWO

Workout day I utilize a PWO shake of:
Calories 535, 15g BCAA, 40g Dex, 40g Malt, 1/3 cup oats, 5g glutamine, 5 g creatine, 1 scoop whey

4-5meals: Breakfast 8am, Lunch 12noon, Dinner 5pm, [PWO shake 7:30], Pre-Bed 9:30-10pm

BCAA with breakfast, 10am, 2pm, before bed and when I wake up to pee.

Water intake: 16 cups non-workout day, spread evenly throughout the day.

Supplements aside from those mentioned: Vitamin C, E, Fish Oil, Multivitamin, Chromium, Apple Cider Vinegar, Zinc, Magnesium, B6, Vandyl Sulfate (pwo)

I have messed with my caloric intake a lot lately. Goal over the next 2 weeks is to keep my diet constant to assess and calculate my maintenance needs. Once calculated, I plan to increase the carbs and fat a little and start a bulk.

For 2009, I want to get strong in my core lifts and to make that easier, I plan to bulk. I haven't yet decided if I will worry about aesthetics over the summer or not. By February 6, 2009, I should be completing Smolov Jr and have my maintenance calories figured out; thus I can begin a bulk for at least 3 months and assess mid-May. For my Bulk, I will be doing Smolov alone for lower body while utilizing an Upper Heavy/Upper Hypertrophy split.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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