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Default Jan. 22

Non Peak Flys: 25lbs (15), 30lbs (12), 35lbs (10)

Forced Dips 4XFailure w/ 3 forced reps: 25lbs, 10lbs, 10lbs, 10lbs

Smith Machine Bench Press: 2 Plates + 1/4 (6), 2 plates + 35's (6), 4 plates (4)

Incline Press: 135lbs (12), 145lbs (10), 155lbs (8)

Good Mornings: 110lbs 3X10

Hanging Leg Raises: 3X10 BW

Exercise-Ball Crunch w/ medicine ball throw: 3X10 w/ 12lb ball

Reverse Woodchoppers: 3X10 40lb DB

Donkey Calf Raises: 200lbs (30), 220lbs (23), 220lbs (21), 220lbs (24), 240lbs (16)

Standing Calf Raises: 155lbs (18), 155lbs (15), 135lbs (16), 115lbs (17), 95lbs (18)

Leg Press Calf Raises: 6 plates (20), 4 plates (25), 4 plates (20), 2 plates (30), 2 plates (25)

Standing One-Legged Calf Raises: 20lbs (15), 10lbs (15), BW (15)

Chest got a great workout today, the strength is definitely coming back, I have a long way to go to get back to what I use to throw up, but I'm moving in a positive direction. My calves were drained by time I got done, Arnold used this one. On a side note I have an extreme case of DOMS in my thighs and glutes today, but that's what this is all about. Mentally I'm feeling stronger than ever ready to take my body to the next level.
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