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Originally Posted by Ordo Ab Chao View Post
this has always been his issue. there is little doubt he is the best fighter in that weight class. You just never really know if he is going to show up conditioned or not. Thats what lost him the last fight, he gassed trying to pull off that sub and had nothing left in the tank to finish the fight. Hopefully losing last time to GSP, when he should have won, is motivation enough for him to show up in shape

He lost his last fight because he had separated his ribs affecting his breathing and ability to move, not due to poor conditioning. BJ's conditioning has become less and less of an issue since his return to the octagon.

And BJ's standup better then GSP's, that a joke! He outjabbed Sherk (whose got terrible standup) in one fight and you think he's got better standup?! GSP has far more depth and power in his standup game than BJ. I've never even seen BJ throw a switch head kick, yet GSP uses it like a jab. Admittedly, both of them use their striking just to set up takedowns, but to say BJ's is better is crazy.
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