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Default Jan. 21

Squats: 185lbs (15), 225lbs (10), 245lbs (10), 255lbs (8), 275lbs (3)

Leg Press: 8 Plates (15), 10 plates (10), 10 plates (10), 12 plates (8), 14 plates (6)

Hack Squats: 4 Plates 5X12

Romanian Deadlifts: 245lbs (6), 255lbs (6), 265lbs (6)

Leg Extensions 5X12: 150lbs, 165lbs, 180lbs, 195lbs, 210lbs

Leg Curls 5X12: 130lbs, 140lbs, 140lbs, 130lbs, 130lbs

My hip didn't bug me at all today, great workout overall, walking around pumped all day after I completed it. I can't quit and I won't quit with the help of God.
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