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Originally Posted by superbilt View Post
how has your body been treating you with smolov. Experiencing much soreness?
Just fine, no soreness, but I haven't been on it long. I'm only starting week 2.
In fact, my knees feel better than ever, which I attribute to an increased focus on warming up (heck, my gym is 46 degrees F thanks to this cold front sitting over the North East, I really HAVE to warm up) and then on stretching when I am finished. I do 30 second stretches for each quad, groin, calves, hams and for each glute. I am feeling great.

Here is a peak at the brutality ahead in the base mesocycle:

Week # Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday
1 70%x9x4 75%x7x5 80%x5x7 85%x3x10
2 (70%+10kg)x9x4 (75%+10kg)x7x5 (80%+10kg)x5x7 (85%+10kg)x3x10
3 (70%+15kg)x9x4 (75%+15kg)x7x5 (80%+15kg)x5x7 (85%+15kg)x3x10
4 Rest Rest Prikida (work up to a near max single) Prikida (work up to a near max single)

To give you an idea, my max is 300, but by the end of week 3 of the base mesocycle, I am supposed to squat 285 for 10 sets of 3! I plan on being ready though.

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