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Default Jan. 17

Pull-ups: Failure X 3

Deadlift: 225lbs (12), 275lbs (12), 315lbs (8), 365lbs (1)
tried to get up 405lbs, got it halfway and couldn't lock it out

T-Bar Rows: 2 Plates (15), 2 Plates + 1/4 (12), 3 plates (10), 3 plates + 1/4 (8)

Close-grip pulldowns: 150lbs (12), 160lbs (10), 170lbs (8)

Wide-grip Rows: 120lbs (12), 130lbs (10), 140lbs (8)

Hanging Leg Raises: 3X10 BW

Exercise-Ball Crunch w/ medicine ball throw: 3X10 w/ 12lb ball

Reverse Woodchoppers: 3X10 35lb DB

Pushup challenge: 200 pushups

20 min of HIIT on treadmill

Good workout overall, I wasn't really planning to go that hard today, because I have a wrestling match tomorrow, but once I get in there I can't control myself, I want to be the best. Though I failed at the 405lb deadlift, I really feel that if my back was a little fresher I could get it up, but it's driving me to work harder, and establish some goals for this year. Also I only accomplished a 1/3 of the 600 pushup challenge, but I WILL do this by the end of the year, I was really strict with the resting periods, last set I could barely finish, but my chest felt great.
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